We care for living spaces!

Organising is all about taking the most of everything, cutting the useless expenditure of materials, energy and time. Doing it as effeciently as possible is always the biggest help all of us can provide to the effort of saving and protecting our environment.

Having this in mind, our team of designers is always looking for new approaches on sustainable solutions, trying to combine natural and earth-friendly materials in smart-designed and ever fashionable products.

Pursuing this goal, Bi-Silque came up with new concepts on notice and memo boards. Fully recyclable, our eco line is assured to use not just the best materials (recycled or not) but also to only get those which are produced through sustainable processes.

Of course, all these concerns are just a consequence of our true focus: you. Whenever having new ideas to help you to organise and communicate, we try to add value to the existing products, devising new functionalities.


Office at Home
... when simpler is better
From basic to special, our home-office line is perfect for small offices and individual working spaces. Quality products made from the best materials assure you both style and utility. Extremely versatile, our boards are furnished in a comprehensive set of choices that fit all decoration styles.
Plan and Organise
... our planner boards are efficient and durable tools
Good planning is essential when managing either home or office. Our planner boards are efficient and durable tools that will make it easier on you. 
Decorate and Organise
... keep it personal
Using both high-quality materials and smart design, we gave functional household items a look that will embellish any home without losing their usefullness. 
In the Kitchen
... clever solutions for dynamic spaces
Organising any home starts right here. Kitchens are the centre of all houses. Because of this, we offer a line of planners and notice boards especially designed for intensive domestic use. 
In the Bedroom
... from young and colourful to modern and sober
We understand the importance of the bedroom in your life. And with this in mind we have developed our In the Bedroom line. Because everyone is different, this is one of our most varied lines, with products created to fit all needs, tastes and decoration styles.
... maximise the usage of your boards
In order to maximise the usage of our boards, our team keeps coming up with new and daring ideas for smart accessories that add new functionalities to the already useful tools we produce.
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